Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Posted By: Admin 7 Nov, 2023

Discover the Baggage Mastery of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines emerges as a shining beacon of affordability and convenience. The airline is attracting thrifty travelers with its low fares and extensive flight network. There is no doubt that this airline is a top choice for globetrotters seeking an economical means of travel. With its low-cost veneer, strict luggage regulation has garnered the airline both praise and condemnation. We will untangle the complexities of the Spirit Airlines Baggage policy in layman’s terms which eventually let you make comprehensive decisions.

Navigating Baggage Allowances

In the Spirit Airlines baggage policy, allowances define what passengers can carry and what they must leave behind for a comfortable journey. The airline offers a range of baggage allowances, contingent upon the fare class and specific route. To comprehend the nuances, let’s take a dive into the different baggage allowances provided by Spirit Airlines:

Saver Fare

  • When travelers choose the Saver Fare option, they should be aware that it does not include the privilege of free checked bags.
  • Saver fare does permit passengers to bring along one personal item and one carry-on bag as part of their cabin baggage.
  • Under Spirit Airlines baggage restrictions, any checked luggage will attract additional charges. The charges will be determined after evaluating fare type and flight routes.

So travelers with Saver Fare should plan accordingly to avoid unexpected fees. It is one of the best saving fare types which allows you to save more while flying closer to dream destinations.

Standard Fare

  • Passengers who opt for the Standard Fare on Spirit Airlines are entitled to check in one piece of luggage, which is in addition to their carry-on bag.
  • The Spirit Airlines baggage policy allows travelers to have the convenience of both a checked bag and a carry-on, ensuring they have adequate space for their belongings during their flight.

You enjoy comfort at affordable prices with Standard Fare. The fare plan has become a popular choice for travelers seeking a cost-effective way to reach their destinations.

Big Fare

  • Passengers traveling under the Big Fare category with Spirit Airlines enjoy the benefit of an extended baggage allowance.
  • Passengers are allowed to check in two bags without any additional charges. Additionally, they can bring a carry-on bag with them into the cabin on multiple destinations.

Big Fare or Premium tickets provide travelers with the convenience of carrying more luggage, making their journey with Spirit more accommodating and hassle-free.

Size and Weight Restrictions

Understanding the number of baggage allowed is important, but so are the size and weight constraints set by Spirit Airlines. To avoid additional costs and guarantee trouble-free travel, all bags including checked or carried-on must comply with strict size and weight standards mentioned in the Spirit Baggage Provision. The following are the size and weight restrictions:

Carry-on Bags

The maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 18 x 14 x 8 inches (Spirit Airlines carry-on size) encompassing handles and wheels. When traveling with Spirit Airlines, the passenger needs to maintain the weight limit which is 35 pounds.

Checked Bags

The maximum dimensions, which include length, width, and height, should not exceed 62 inches (Spirit Airlines baggage size limit). Your checked bag’s maximum weight should not be more than forty pounds. Adhering to these limits ensures that your checked baggage is in line with the airline’s policies and grants you peace of mind.

What Charges Do Passengers Need to Pay?

Additional fees often lurk around every corner when it comes to baggage with Spirit Airlines. The airline is no exception imposing fees for checked bags, oversized bags, and overweight bags. Passengers should be aware of these charges to avoid unexpected expenses when traveling with baggage that doesn’t meet the specified size and weight requirements.

To ensure better transparency, we have a breakdown that helps you understand the charges levied by Spirit Airlines:

Checked Bag Fees

Passengers can expect to pay USD 37 or more if they opt to purchase their checked bags online during the booking process. However, they may need to pay USD 45 or more as Spirit Airlines baggage fees if the purchase is made at the airport.

Oversized Bag Fees

Travelers with bags exceeding standard size limits will be charged an extra fee of USD 100 or more per bag. The additional cost can vary based on flight routes and fare categories.

Overweight Bag Fees

Exceeding the specified weight limit for bags when traveling with Spirit Airlines can be costly. Passengers with bags weighing more than the airline’s weight limit will incur an additional charge of USD 100 or more for each bag.

Ways to avoid hefty fees

  • Avoiding unexpected baggage fees on Spirit Airlines requires strategic planning. Pack smartly, bringing only essential items to avoid excess charges.
  • Embrace the personal item allowance, opting for a small backpack or purse that fits under your seat.
  • Checked bags can be purchased online in advance, saving money compared to last-minute airport purchases.
  • Look for premium fare tickets as it will save you more on Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees. Big Fare will grant you access to multiple checked baggage along with special items.

Navigating the Exceptions on Special Items

Beyond standard luggage, travelers often carry special items ranging from sports equipment to musical instruments and medical devices. Spirit Airlines has specific policies in place for handling these exceptions. Let’s explore these guidelines in detail:

Sports Equipment

Spirit Airlines allows sports equipment on board, subject to a fee of USD 75 or more per way. However, these items must meet Spirit Airlines baggage weight and size criteria is a maximum of 80 inches in linear dimensions and weighing no more than 50 pounds.

Musical Instruments

Instruments can be brought on board as carry-on baggage, provided they meet the size requirements. Spirit Airlines charges USD 75 or more for larger instruments that need to be checked.

Medical Equipment

For specific destinations, passengers requiring medical equipment, such as oxygen tanks or CPAP machines, can bring them on board free of charge. If you need to carry your essentials, you must notify the airline in advance and provide the necessary documentation.


The Spirit Airlines baggage rules ensure your carry-on and checked luggage do not exceed the higher limit. It is crucial to maintain the limit to avoid additional fees or complications during the boarding process. You can navigate the skies with confidence when you are armed with the knowledge of baggage allowances, size restrictions, fees, and exceptions for special items. Take to the skies knowing that you can handle the complexities of luggage regulation by being smart about how you pack.

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