Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Posted By: Admin 19 Nov, 2023

Helping millions to reach their destination for free: The Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Everyone enjoys embarking on adventures that enhance their vacation experiences. With the launch of the Free Spirit Frequent Flyer Program, the airline elevated its customers’ travel experiences via creative design. The Spirit frequent flyer program provides regular passengers with a multitude of benefits, unveiling a world where loyalty takes off. We delve into the program’s subtleties and focus on the Free Spirit Points that lie at the heart of its attraction to save more without compromising on comfort and luxury.

What Sets Apart the Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program?

Spirit Airlines introduces a program that redefines the journey and helps passengers to gain comfort at their convenience. The best part about the Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program is it offers you a chance to book your desired journey for free or minimal charges.

  • The Spirit Frequent Flyer Program goes beyond the ordinary, offering benefits customized to the preferences and needs of its members.
  • The airline allows members to redeem their hard-earned miles for a wide array of rewards, from flights to exclusive experiences.
  • Spirit Airlines rewards program has status tiers that unlock a set of perks that elevate the travel experience. From priority boarding to complimentary upgrades, members enjoy a tiered journey.

Why Enroll in the Free Spirit Program?

If you’re a frequent flyer or an aspiring jet-setter, joining the Free Spirit program is your passport to a world of benefits. The enrollment process is like a breeze within your window. The Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program allows you to earn travel points based on flight types, destination, and ticket types. These accumulated points allow you to book future travel with Spirit for free(in some scenarios).

Earning Free Spirit Points

The beauty of the Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program lies in its generosity as it allows you to accumulate free points for flight bookings. You can also redeem these accumulated points while dining at your favorite restaurant, booking a hotel, or shopping online, there are various avenues to earn points. The program rewards not just the miles you fly but also the moments you live at your convenience.

Tiers based on the Frequent Flyer Program by Spirit 

As you journey with Spirit, your loyalty is recognized and rewarded through the Free Spirit tier system. The program offers multiple tiers, each bringing its own set of exclusive benefits. From priority boarding to bonus points, the higher your tier, the more elevated your travel experience becomes. You can upgrade your tier by making frequent air travel with one of the most affordable airlines-Spirit.

Redeeming Points to Earn Comfort and Luxury

The real magic happens when you decide to redeem your hard-earned Free Spirit Points. The Spirit loyalty program offers a plethora of options that allow you to turn your points into free flights, seat upgrades, and even merchandise. Imagine exploring new destinations or treating yourself to a more comfortable seat, all with the points you’ve accumulated.

Benefits associated with Frequent Flyer Program

Becoming a Free Spirit member is an excellent way to unlock a treasure trove of benefits. From discounted flights to flexible booking options, the Spirit Frequent Flyer Program is designed to make your travel seamless and enjoyable. The program often surprises its members with special promotions and bonuses. Note that staying informed about these promotions adds an extra layer of excitement to your travel plans.

Expiration date of Spirit Airlines points

While the Free Spirit program is incredibly rewarding, however, these points may expire. These travel points have a limited lifespan and understanding of this will prevent them from expiring. It also ensures you get the most out of your membership and enjoy more comfortable air travel. From spontaneous getaways to dream vacations, the Spirit Airlines rewards program illustrates the real impact of the free points program on the lives of its members.

How to Enroll in the Frequent Flyer Program by Spirit Airlines?

Join the Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program to provide passengers simple access to a world of exclusive travel advantages. To assist you in starting this fulfilling journey, step-by-step instruction is provided:

  • Start by navigating to the official website using your preferred web browser.
  • Once on the website, locate and navigate to the dedicated section specifically designed for the Frequent Flyer Program. 
  • Within the Frequent Flyer Program section, you’ll encounter an online enrollment form. 
  • Give the necessary information needed to enroll, including your name, contact information, and any other relevant information.
  • Complete the required fields, and with a few clicks, you officially become a member of the Spirit Frequent Flyer Program.
  • In the end, the system generates a unique membership number for you. The Spirit loyalty program number serves as your key to unlocking a world of travel benefits.
    • Keep this number handy for future reference. Enrolling in the Frequent Flyer Program is a seamless and efficient process that ensures you can swiftly access the array of advantages that come with being a valued member. 


Allow your free spirit to soar to new heights with every journey by embracing the freedom to explore. More than just a rewards program, the Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program gives users access to a vast array of travel options. Travel points give an unparalleled depth to your travels, from the joy of earning them to the satisfaction of exchanging them for amazing experiences.  The Spirit Reward program promises that from the moment you sign up for the incredible events you can partake in, every step you take will bring you one step closer to a more profound and meaningful vacation. 


Can I earn Free Spirit Points on codeshare flights?

Yes. Free Spirit Points can be earned on eligible codeshare flights with partner airlines.

Are there any specific dates that are prohibited for the redemption of Free Spirit Points?

Spirit Airlines doesn’t have blackout dates for point redemption which offers flexibility for travelers.

How can I enroll in the Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program?

Follow the provided prompts to enroll in the Spirit Frequent Flyer Program during the registration process by visiting the official website or contacting customer service.

Do Free Spirit Points count towards elite status in the program?

Yes. You may unlock extra perks by upgrading your free Spirit rewards status with the points you earn.

What happens to my Free Spirit Points if the scheduled flight is canceled?

Under the Spirit Frequent Flyer program, the Free Spirit Points used to make the reservation are refunded if the airline cancels a flight for avoidable reasons.

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