Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrade

Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrade

Posted By: Admin 16 Nov, 2023

Soar in Comfort with the Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrades

Traveling becomes an entirely different experience when you have the chance to elevate your journey with a seat upgrade. Spirit Airlines is known for its affordable fares and also offers passengers the opportunity to enhance their in-flight experience through seat upgrades. The airline does follow guidelines that allow them to offer premium cabins to their passengers. Continue with us to learn the process of upgrading seats and insider tips to make the most of the Spirit Airlines seat upgrade options as it will take you to a place beside your heart.

Why Upgrade Your Seat with Spirit Airlines?

Flying with Spirit Airlines is known for its cost-effectiveness. Millions of passengers choose them as their travel companions as they are the ones who are offering an upgrade seat program over the standard seats. The Spirit Airlines big seat incentive provides all the comfort and perks that some travelers desire. Upgrades are a game-changer for these reasons:

  • The promise of additional legroom and a cozier seat is the major draw of a seat upgrade, offering travelers a more comfortable and pleasurable flight.
  • The Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrades offer you the ability to avoid the rush and bustle of boarding is a perk that comes with some seat upgrades. Priority boarding lets you bypass the lineups and quickly settle into your premium seat.
  • Travelers may receive extra perks like complimentary drinks, snacks, or other in-flight facilities, depending on the type of upgrade, which would enhance the enjoyment of the journey.

Passengers are empowered to personalize their flying experience with the variety of seat upgrades available ranging from the opulent Big Front Seat to the more affordable Preferred Seat.

Types of Seat Upgrades with Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines doesn’t compromise on passenger comfort. If you’re looking to elevate your flying experience without breaking the bank, the airline offers a range of seat upgrades tailored to diverse preferences and budgets.

Big Front Seat

  • The Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat provides the epitome of comfort and convenience.
  • Nestled in the first row, these seats boast extra legroom, a wider seating area, and an impressive recline angle of up to 38 degrees.
  • As a cherry on top, passengers opting for the Big Front Seat enjoy the perks of priority boarding and deplaning.

Exit Row Seat

  • As the location where legroom takes center stage, the Spirit exit row seats are an attractive option since they prioritize legroom.
  • The exit row seats have greater legroom than ordinary options since they are positioned close to emergency exits.
  • Passengers must fulfill certain requirements, such as being able to understand and follow safety instructions and having a minimum age requirement of 15 for most routes.

Preferred Seat

  • These Preferred Seats in Spirit’s flight occupy a prime spot in the front of the cabin that provides a comfortable seat and the privilege of priority boarding.
  • Passengers opting for Preferred Seats stand a better chance of securing a spot with extra legroom.

Charges to Upgrade Seats in Spirit’s Flight

Selecting the right upgrade depends on your preferences, budget, and the level of comfort you seek during your flight. With the Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrade, you can crave the lavishness of the Big Front Seat, the spaciousness of the Exit Row Seat, or the priority privileges of the Preferred Seat.

  • The Big Front Seat costs between USD 20 and USD 150 for a one-way ride and is an excellent purchase for those looking for a little extra luxury in the sky.
  • According to the Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrades, the airline may charge between USD 10 and USD 100 for a one-way upgrade.
  • The Preferred Seat offers an accessible means to enhance your travel experience for a reasonable cost of USD 5 to USD 50.

Note: You may need to pay more depending on multiple variables including seat, flight date, booking mode, destination, and many more.

How to Upgrade Your Seat with Spirit?

Now that we’ve grasped the benefits, let’s explore the diverse options for securing that sought-after upgraded seat with Spirit Airlines. The airline offers several avenues for passengers seeking an enhanced in-flight experience.


One option is to check for available upgrades during the booking process, where you might snag a more comfortable seat for a reasonable fee. Spirit Airlines may provide upgrade opportunities through its loyalty program. Continue to learn more:

During Booking

  • Book your Spirit Airlines flight through their official website and choose the seat upgrade option.
  • When you have selected your flight details, explore the available seat upgrade options based on your budget and flight category.

After Reservation

  • Visit the ‘Manage Reservation’ section of the Spirit Airlines website if your flight has already been scheduled.
  • Search the manage reservation page for available seat upgrades, then select the upgraded seat of your choice after selecting the desired journey.


Spirit Airlines provides an opportunity to travel in luxury. Flying should be as delightful as the trip itself, therefore the next time you take a Spirit Airlines excursion, think about treating yourself to a seat upgrade at much more affordable prices.

At the Airport

  • For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, visit the Spirit Airlines check-in counter at the airport.
  • Inquire about seat upgrade availability, and if there are open seats, you can make the purchase at the counter.

Notes: Keep an eye on promotional offers, as the airline provides opportunities to bid for upgrades, making the journey even more enjoyable at much lower prices.


Spirit Airlines enhances your travel experience with seat upgrades, offering coveted options for more legroom, typically situated at the front for an upgraded in-flight feel. Enjoy perks like enhanced comfort, priority boarding, and potential amenities. Spirit Airlines offers a variety of options for a memorable journey, you can book an upgrade during the booking process, manage your reservation online, inquire at the airport, or explore onboard options. From now, buckle up, relax, and relish the skies in style and savor the journey with comfort and flair.


Is it possible to purchase onboard upgrades on Spirit?

On some flight routes, the airline provides the possibility of onboard seat upgrades. Feel free to ask the flight attendants about any possible seat upgrades once you’ve settled inside the aircraft. However, it is totally dependent on availability, flight type, and ticket status.

How much does a Spirit Airlines seat upgrade cost?

The cost of a Spirit Airlines seat upgrade varies depending on factors such as the precise route, seat availability, and the style of upgrade. For further information, contact us at 855-728-3555.

Can I upgrade my seat for free with Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines charges for seat upgrades. Passengers who belong to their loyalty program may be eligible for complimentary upgrades.

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