Terms and Conditions

Spiritflyfare is a platform designed to serve customers with quality travel experiences and easy bookings. Our hard-working and talented professionals have come forward with years of experience in the travel industry to cater to your needs and solve all your queries.
All wanderers looking for affordable flights and great packages can find them here. Our only mission is to serve our customers with top-quality services, flexibility, and happiness. However, like every other travel agency, we have our restrictions too.

We request all our customers read the terms and conditions in the following section before using our services. It is assumed that you agree to our terms and conditions if you use our website.

We do not operate on any hidden agendas or associated with any third-party platforms. We are accountable only for the products or services listed on our website. If you face any fraud or scam, we are not answerable for it. Moreover, the prices of the tickets that we provide are subject to service charges, certain taxes, and other such necessities.


We ensure to provide our customers with updated information and accurate content when they visit our website. You may notice that the fare prices, as do the service charges, fines, and more, differ from time to time. Hence, please keep checking our website for the latest updates, as we will not be responsible for any failure, price variation, or loss you incur.


To have a pleasant travel experience, we expect our travelers to provide accurate information and essential data. Whether it’s their age or documented proof, we request you provide us with the correct data only. Additionally, the points given below will give you a better idea:

  • People who provide wrong information fall under the realm of legal action.
  • Keep the data you provide to us strictly confidential.
  • Therefore, we will not be responsible if there is any loss, fraud, or threat.
  • The agency is solely responsible if there are any flight modifications regarding time, date, and more.
  • Please cooperate with the service provider of our travel agency to get the latest updates regarding your flight.


  • You have the right to do changes in the flight booking through our website only.
  • Only accurate and authentic data must be provided by our customers to make reservations.
  • In case the customer faces any loss, they will be solely responsible.
  • Customers must ensure the confidentiality of all the information they provide on our platform.
  • You must abide by the laws of your regional state.
  • Without delay, make changes to your account or inform us if you notice any unusual activity.


We have sole rights over all the texts, images, software, trademarks, and more available on our website. However, user data is not a part of this.  You are strictly prohibited from copying our content, texts, images, or any other information on our website for personal, business, or commercial use.

Anyone found copying information that has our copyrights will land in legal procedure. In case of any queries, please reach out to our service providers for help.


All the information on this website belongs to the Spiritflyfare only, and no other agency or person has the right to copy our information. Any customer using our travel services is assumed to agree to our terms and conditions. Hence, the customer is responsible for any fraud or loss incurred by them.

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