Spirit Airlines Group Travel

Spirit Airlines Group Travel

Posted By: Admin 1 Nov, 2023

Spirit Airlines Group Travel Booking: A New Way To Save More On Adventure

Spirit Airlines is the go-to choice for budget-conscious travelers. The airline is known for its affordable fares and no-frills approach to air travel. The best part about them is they offer incredible offers even if you’re traveling with a group, be it friends, family, or colleagues. With Spirit Airlines Group Travel Program, you can enjoy peace as it allows you to travel with your lovable group with no hidden frills. Continue with this comprehensive guide to grasp everything about traveling in a group with one of the most affordable yet popular airlines in the United States.

About the Group Travel Program by Spirit Airlines

Traveling with a group on Spirit Airlines can be a great way to save money and have a fun and memorable trip.  The Spirit Airlines Group Travel Program is tailor-made for groups embarking on a journey together. It’s a program that offers a host of benefits designed to make your group travel experience smoother, more cost-effective, and, well, just more enjoyable. Let’s explore the key features of Spirit Airlines group booking:

  • Discounted Rates
    • One of the most appealing aspects of the Spirit Airlines group reservation Program is the potential for significant savings without making compromises on service.
    • Groups can benefit from discounts of up to 30% on their fares and it is regarded as a cost-effective approach that makes group travel even more enticing.
  • Flexible Booking
    • Travel plans can change due to any complexity in schedule or any unavoidable circumstances. It’s for this reason that Spirit Airlines offers the flexibility to modify your group booking up to 72 hours before departure without incurring any charges.
  • Dedicated Support
    • Group travel can be more complex than solo travel as you need to coordinate with various aspects. The Spirit Airlines group booking service simplifies such concerns by providing access to a dedicated group travel specialist.
    • The dedicated expert is there to assist your group with all aspects of your journey, from the initial booking process to check-in and even boarding. In case, you find yourself in the hurdle simply contact.

Tips for traveling with a group on Spirit Airlines at affordable budgets

  • The earlier you book your group trip, the more likely you are to get a good rate and have a better chance of getting everyone in your group seated together.
  • Spirit Airlines is known for its low fares but baggage fees can add up for multiple destinations. You will need to be mindful of the cost of baggage fees when budgeting for your trip.
  • You need to be prepared for delays and cancellations as Spirit Airlines is known for its low fares. In some scenarios, the airline may ask you to pay additional fees other than service charges.

How can a traveler book a group flight with Spirit Airlines from home?

Spirit Airlines will make every effort to seat groups together. Priority boarding allows travelers to board an airplane ahead of other passengers. Spirit Airlines group travel program offers a variety of benefits. You may be wondering where to begin now that you’ve decided to organize a group vacation. It’s an easy operation that may be performed either way (online and offline method). Here’s how you can do it without leaving your comfort:


You can access the online platform at any time, making it a convenient choice for planning your group journey.

  • Head to the Spirit Airlines website.
  • Complete the login procedure.
  • On the homepage, look for the Spirit group sales tab.
  • Select it as it will get you all the information and tools you need to begin the booking process.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Share all relevant information such as the passenger’s name, age, gender, and other required fields.
  • Review the information and you must select group booking. Note that you will need to fill in all relevant fields for each passenger.
  • Make required payments and you will secure your e-tickets on your registered IDs.


Prefer a more personal touch? Simply call on the Spirit Airlines Group Travel phone number. The dedicated team of experts is ready to assist you and solve your concerns.

  • Connect with the team and initiate the booking process by sharing the following information:
    • Number of people in your group
    • Name of each passenger
    • Travel dates
    • Origin and destination airports
    • Contact information
  • The dedicated team will use the information to submit the Spirit Airlines group reservation form on your behalf.
  • Pay the applicable charges through available modes. Once the payment is done, you will receive your tickets on your registered email ID. Keep it safe for future tender.

Perks of Traveling with a Group on Spirit Airlines

  • With the Group Travel Program, groups can take their savings a step closer to a golden spoon. They have the potential to save up to 30% on their booking values.
  • Being flexible is important while traveling in groups. The airline allows you to make changes to your group’s reservation at no additional cost up to 72 hours before your scheduled departure.
  • For some groups, priority boarding is a complementary option that allows them to board the plane before other passengers.
  • In Spirit Airlines, groups are seated together on the plane, which makes your journey more camaraderie-filled. It also ensures that your group can conveniently store their carry-on luggage.


Your vacation memories should be shared with your family and friends. The Spirit Airlines group travel program allows you to do this while saving money, creating priceless memories, and enjoying great adventures with your loved ones. When you travel in a group, you can ensure that everything functions well. Contact the Spirit Airlines customer service team if you have any more queries or would like more information regarding group travel. They are happy to assist and have a lot of knowledge to make your group holiday dreams a reality.

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