Spirit Flight Delay Compensation Policy

Spirit Flight Delay Compensation Policy

Posted By: Admin 4 Nov, 2023

A Proper Guideline on Spirit Flight Delay Compensation 

Do you have experience with Spirit Airlines flight delays that frustrate and inconvenience you? You’re in luck as the airline offers compensation if the flight is delayed by the airline due to avoidable factors. Be with us and we will cover the eligibility requirements, the amount of compensation you can receive, and how to file a claim for rewards under the Spirit Flight Delay Compensation Policy.

Define Flight Delay Compensation and functionality

The event when you need to cancel your future schedule due to flight delays will erupt from the inner core as you will need to lose a value of memory. Through Spirit Flight Delay Compensation provisions, the airline tries to save passengers money and help them be motivated to reach their destinations. The airline understands these compensations may not repay the loss but it may save you from paying hefty charges for your next air travel. 

Eligibility Requirements 

By meeting these mentioned requirements, passengers can seek compensation for the inconveniences caused by eligible Spirit flight delays. To qualify for compensation for a flight delay, you must submit the Spirit delayed flight compensation form once your booking is eligible under the flight delay compensation by Spirit:

Delay Duration 

If you’ve endured a substantial delay that significantly disrupted your travel plans, you may be eligible for compensation. Your flight should have experienced a delay of more than three hours. For some routes, the airline may also offer full airfare as compensation value if the flight gets delayed for more than 240 minutes. 

Avoidable Reasons

You will also be qualified for reimbursement in the event that Spirit’s control over certain factors affects flight delays. This means that Spirit Airlines is responsible for any delays caused by workforce shortages or mechanical problems. In accordance with Spirit Airlines’ flight delay policy, your reservation will be entitled to reimbursement for any delays resulting from events beyond their control.

Valid Flight Ticket

You need to have a valid ticket issued by Spirit Airlines for the affected flight. It acts as proof and ensures that your claim is applicable to the specific airline’s policies.

Timely Claim Submission

The deadline for submitting your compensation claim is 30 days after your flight was disrupted. Meeting deadlines will initiate the compensation process efficiently and let you save more on future bookings through travel vouchers.

Rewards under Spirit Flight Delay Compensation Provision

Spirit Airlines understands that flight delays can be a major inconvenience as they affect their future schedule and imbalance work portfolios. 

The airline has put in place a policy to compensate passengers for delays of more than three hours. According to the Spirit Flight Delay Compensation Policy, the amount varies depending on the length of the delay and the distance of the flight. 

  • Spirit Airlines offers a structured compensation plan for passengers experiencing flight delays. If your flight is delayed by 3 to 5 hours, you are eligible for a USD 200 or more travel voucher. 
  • For delays ranging from 5 to 7 hours, the compensation increases to a USD 400 or more travel voucher. 
  • In cases where the delay extends beyond 7 hours, passengers can expect a generous USD 600 or more travel voucher.

The travel vouchers can be used for booking future flights with Spirit Airlines and are valid for one year from the date of issue. Even though this compensation will never compensate for your ruined schedule, it provides an alleviation from the inconvenience caused by the delay, ensuring passengers can enjoy future travels on the airline.

Exclusions to Flight Delay Compensation

While Spirit Airlines is dedicated to compensating passengers for delays within their control, they won’t provide compensation for delays caused by external factors like weather-related issues, air traffic control problems, or security-related concerns. 

These events are often considered force majeure and are beyond the airline’s responsibility. The airline won’t offer compensation for flights canceled and subsequently rebooked within 24 hours of the original departure time. 

Travelers like you will need to understand these exceptions when seeking compensation for flight delays as airlines may not entertain reimbursement requests if the flight is delayed due to natural calamities. 

How to File a Claim for Spirit Flight Delay Compensation?

The airline will try to strike a balance between customer satisfaction and unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. Filing a claim for Spirit flight delay compensation is a breeze if done in a proper manner. 

You can submit the compensation form by visiting the Spirit Airlines website or by calling their customer service. When submitting your claim, you may be required to provide information on:

  • Passenger name
  • Contact number
  • Spirit Airlines reservations number
  • Departure and arrival dates
  • Length of the delay
  • Reason for the delay 
  • Departure date and time

After receiving your claim, the airline will review the information to determine the eligibility criteria. You can use the travel voucher to book a future flight with Spirit Airlines if you meet the criteria. Ensure you have all the necessary information ready when filing your claim.

Notes to Remember
  • If you have any documentation of the delay such as a boarding pass or a note from a gate agent include it with your claim as supportive documents.

What to Do If the Flight Delay Compensation Claim is Denied by Spirit?

Don’t give up if your Spirit Airlines flight delay compensation application is turned down. Send a formal request to the airline’s dedicated customer service department. Provide all supportive evidence that bolsters your position along with an explanation of why you think your claim should be granted in your request. 

The Spirit Flight Delay Compensation Provision states you still have choices if the airline decides to abide by their refusal of your claim. You have the right to complain to the Department of Transportation in the United States only if your booking is valid and eligible for compensation rewards.


Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and submit your claim within 30 days of your flight. The Spirit flight delay compensation policy offers flexibility and acts as a proper shield to protect your pockets from unwanted hefty charges. You can use valid travel vouchers that are valid for one year from the date of issue. These vouchers can be used to book a future flight on Spirit Airlines. However, you are not allowed to transfer these vouchers to another person on most routes.

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